AJ5D offers full turnkey design services that encompass FF&E and OS&E procurement. Our services also extend to complete building renovations. AJ5D offers full turnkey design services, procurement, and project management solutions focusing on the hospitality and corporate sectors. We love working with quality aesthetics, premium products, and quality suppliers in order to tailor each project to client need and budget. AJ5D makes use of the latest, cutting edge interior design technology to ensure that quality control is met at every turn.


We deliver a fully customised interior design service tailored to each client’s requirements that maximises on the use of space to create flow and function. Through this process, we deliver luxurious but cost-effective interior solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, dreams, and the vision they have in mind for the final outcome. We apply our experience and personal insight to save time and resources. This enables us to deliver functional, luxurious, and aesthetically beautiful design that is also cost-effective.


AJ5D has a unique advantage when it comes to hospitality procurement for our clients as the team can offer advisory roles in value engineered solutions that assist in producing quality products. Our strategic advantage is that we have direct knowledge of preferred country sourcing, based on the client's region. This helps with saving, transit times, customs clearing as well as direct access to factories. We base our individual solution per client with our global experience on markets, factory processes and brand requirements. we offer two types of hospitality procurement services:

Procurement  Consultancy  Services.

Full  Turnkey  Solutions.


We manage your procurement project from start to finish, mapping out every detail, each milestone, and every expenditure.This enables you to have complete visibility of your entire project without having to do any of the work.

We will identify the most cost-effective route to success and completion, freeing up resources for you, and making use of time in the best way possible.
After years of managing global projects of all sizes and budgets, we have a definitive action plan that allows us to get the most value for money and time at every turn.


We offer full turnkey solutions and we work with quality aesthetics, premium products, and quality suppliers in order to tailor each project to client needs and budget.
We appoint an experienced project manager to oversee every project we undertake, ensuring that everything is executed on time and to budget.


Provide property or hotel due-diligence reviews.

Provide budgets for work to be performed, from preliminary plans, PIPs or QAs.

Provide interior design services.

Develop detailed scope of work for all approved work.

Provide product procurement of supplies at the best price possible.

Provide project management to ensure timeous delivery.

Full handover to client’s team up on completion:

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E).

Operational, Supplies and Equipment (OS&E).